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Federal and Local Government Contracts, Bids, and RFPs in the State of Maryland (MD)

Bid Contract maintains a comprehensive listing of government contracts, government bids, government auctions, government tenders, RFPs (request for proposal), RFQs (request for quotation), RFIs (request for information), government projects, government surplus, and other government contracting and bidding opportunities in the state of Maryland (MD) and its neighboring states. These include pre solicitation notices, active solicitations, and awards.

Solicitations in Maryland State (MD) listed below are published by all levels of governments, including federal government, Maryland state government, county government, city government, municipal government, local government, community government, town agencies, and government agency buyers such as college, university, school district, hospital, airports, correctional facility, water district, public utility, police and fire departments, and various regional government authorities in Maryland.


Government Contracts and Government Bids in Maryland and Neighboring States

IDTitleLocationIssued On
1Apparel BlanksDelaware (DE)07/12/2024
2Small Diameter Metallic Main Tool Provider ServicesMaryland (MD)07/14/2024
3Request for Information (RFI) for Rehabilitation and Rebuilding Services for EquMaryland (MD)07/14/2024
4RFP 48317 - Utility Customer Service Suite Support ServicesMaryland (MD)07/14/2024
5Small and Large Water Meter PurchaseMaryland (MD)07/14/2024
6Newburg Dr. Water Main ReplacementMaryland (MD)07/15/2024
7Parkwood Drive I Water Main ReplacementMaryland (MD)07/14/2024
8Request for Information (RFI) for Equestrian Center Management ServicesMaryland (MD)07/14/2024
9IFB 48260 - PacketViper Software, Hardware, Support & ServicesMaryland (MD)07/14/2024
10MAA-SV-25-008 Grant Services at BWI Thurgood Marshall & Martin State (MTN) AirportsMaryland (MD)07/14/2024
11MAA-SV-25-009 Emergency Meal Services at BWI Thurgood Marshall AirportMaryland (MD)07/14/2024
1248304: Hampshire Greens Elevated Tanks PaintingMaryland (MD)07/14/2024
13Cityworks ImplementationMaryland (MD)07/14/2024
14Construction of College Park Woods Community CentersMaryland (MD)07/14/2024
15AB240019-RFP-ASB Fire Pump Removal and Generator Wiring UpdatesNew Jersey (NJ)07/15/2024
16Asbestos Consulting ServiceNew Jersey (NJ)07/15/2024
1710453-R-2024 AB RFP On-Off Site Medical Screening ServicesVirginia (VA)07/15/2024
18255000001 Quick Quote for New 2024 Ford F150 XL 4WD for Public WorksVirginia (VA)07/15/2024
19255000002 Quick Quote for New 2024 or 2025 Ford F150 XL 4WD for Aquatic CenterVirginia (VA)07/15/2024
20AML - JD Miller Ramp SiteWest Virginia (WV)07/14/2024

The above is only a sample list, for more contracts and bids in MD and Neighboring States, please click here

The following Maryland cities and counties are included in the search:

Maryland Cities

Maryland Counties

Silver Spring
College Park
Glen Burnie
Bel Air
Ellicott City
Takoma Park
Upper Marlboro
Ocean City
Havre de Grace
Fort Washington
Severna Park
Lexington Park
Indian Head

Prince George's
Anne Arundel
St Mary's
Queen Anne's

Our site has been used extensively by both prime contractors and subcontractors alike to monitor Maryland contracting opportunities in their specific industry. The government procurement and solicitation opportunities in Maryland (MD) are fully searchable by industries. Many government contracts and bids are particularly suitable for small businesses, minority owned business, and woman owned businesses.

The following is a partial list of the industries commonly found in government solicitations. If you do not find your business in this list, it is possible that it is in one of subcategories. Please contact our customer service at support@bidcontract.com. if you are not sure whether or not your business will benefit from Bid Contract, the leader in providing Government Bids, Government Contracts, and Government RFP Finder and Notification Services. 

Architectural: Civil Engineering, Engineering Design and Drafting

Cleaning and Custodial: Janitorial Equipment and Supplies, Linen and Towel Services, Parking Lot, Window washing

Construction and Remodeling: General Contractor, Roads, Bridges,/ Sidewalk, Roofing / Roof, Door, Window, Ceiling, Flooring / Floor, Fencing / Fence, Painting, Carpentry, Cabinet, Mill Work, Plumbing, Pumps, Pipeline, Sanitation, Drainage, Water-Proofing, Electrical / Electronic, Lighting, Elevators, Escalators, Lifts, Playground

Construction and Building Materials: Masonry, Stone, Brick, Tile, Drywall, Plaster, Road Work, Concrete

Consulting Services: Grants Writing, Lobbyist, Legal, Litigation, Mediation, Arbitration

Environment and Conservation: Surveying, Mapping, Aerial Photography, Environmental Testing, Site Inspection, Asbestos, Hazardous Waste, Trash Disposal, Recycling, Waste Water, Sewage Treatment, Air Purification, Tanks, Excavation, Demolition, Salvage

Financial and Accounting: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Auditing, Credit Card Services, Credit Reports, Medicaid billing, Debt Collection, Financial Consulting, Retirement Plan, Investment

Food Services: Cafeteria, Catering, Drink, Vending Machines, Concession Stands

Garden and Landscaping: Lawn Care, Mowers, Snow Removal, Sprinkler, Irrigation, Insect, Pest and Bird Control, Herbicide

HR Services: Personnel, Staffing, Recruiting, Executive Search, Training, Office and Clerical, Secretarial, Proficiency Assessment, Relocation

Computer Hardware: Computer Cabling, Hardware Rental, Repair and Maintenance

Computer Software: Information Technology (IT) Consulting, Programming, Computer Security, Firewall, Database, Data Storage, Backup & Recovery, E-learning, Computer or Web-based Training, E-Procurement

Insurance: Auto, Marine, Aviation, disability and life insurance, workers compensation, Dental, Healthcare

Machine Shop and Fabrication: Metal fabrication, Lathing, Welding, Machining, Tools and Tooling, Hardware, Repair, Body Work, HVAC, Mechanical

Mailing: Courier, Messenger Service, Labeling, Sorting, Postage Equipment, Packing Supply

Marketing and Communication: Advertising, Logos, Banners, Conference, Convention, Event Management, Market Research, Survey, Call Center, Multimedia, Promotional, Tradeshow Display, Graphic Design

Medical and Laboratory: Lab Testing, Pharmacy, Medical Device, Medical and Laboratory Equipment and Instrument, Dental, Veterinary, Medical Professionals, Personal Care, Rehabilitation, Psychotherapy, Drug Counseling, Medical Facilities, Ambulance, Burial, Cremation

Office Supplies: Copier, Printer, Cartridges, Toners, Fax Machines, Furniture, Toiletries, Filing Systems, VCRs, Radio, Television, AV Equipment, Shredding

Other Products: Battery, Museum, Musical Instruments and Accessories, Uniform, Embroidery, Clothing, Individual Equipment, and Insignia, Athletic Equipment, Firing Ranges, Signage, Way finding (wayfinding), Agricultural, Forestry, Animals, Lumber Mills, Household Appliances and Equipment, Chemicals, Fuel, Oils, Utilities, Elections, Voting Equipment and Supplies

Other Services: Recreational Services, Private Investigator, Community Services, Polygraph, Auctions, For Sale, Auctioneering, Re-Upholstery, Equipment Lease or Rental

Printing, Reproduction: Equipment, Bindery, Book Binding, Typeset, Duplicating, Photocopying, Graphic Design, Layouts, Lettering, Calligraphy, Microfilming, Microfiche, Photo Lab, Photo Finishing, Screen Printing

Research: Energy, Healthcare, Science and Technology

Security and Safety: Fire Fighting, Rescue, Fire Control Equipment, Fire Alarms, Extinguishers, Fire Sprinkler, Lock Smith, Security Equipment, Mass Notification, Warning Sirens, Security Access, Smart ID, Security Guard, Radio Dispatch, Guard Dog, Law Enforcement, Surveillance, Camera

Facility Rental and Management: Buildings, Warehouses, Parking Facilities, Meeting Room, Offices, Hotel, Trailers, Portable Classrooms

Telecommunication: Cables and Cabling, Fiber Optics, GIS, GPS, Network, VPN, Telecom Systems, Radio and Computer Aided Dispatch, Vehicle Tracking System, Voice Over IP, Voice mail, Wireless, Mobile Technology and Device

Translation, Transcription: Interpreters, Translation (Foreign Language), Sign Language, Medical Transcription

Transporting and Warehousing: Bus, Van, Vehicles, Helicopter, Aircraft, Aviation, Travel Service, Fleet Management, Hauling, Freight, Trucking, Towing, Office Moves, Warehousing, Storage, Trucks, Utility Trailers, Marine, Docks, Boats

Weapons and Ammunitions: Explosive, Armored Vehicles

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