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Government Contracts and Bids By Industry Categories

  Bid Contract helps government contractors get notified of new government contracting opportunities as they become available. Thousands of new government contracts and bids are published every day in all industry categories, and by various governments (federal, state and local governments, such as cities, counties, municipalities, towns, and schools). BidContract compiles all of these bidding and contracting postings in one comprehensive database. Below is the breakdown of the industry categories. You can always use the search function to find the bids and contracts you are interested in.
  New Government Contracts and Bids by Industry Categories
-Construction & Renovation
-Construction Management
-Electrical / Electrician
-Roofing, Siding & Gutter
-Painting & Paint Supplies
-Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
-Fencing & Gate
-Construction & Building Materials
-Plumbing & Sewer
-Floor & Carpet
-Carpentry, Woodwork & Cabinetry
-Lighting & LED
-Windows & Doors
-Elevators & Escalators
-Demolition, Excavation, and Earth Work

Road & Ground Work
-Road & Bridge
-Concrete & Asphalt
-Sewer & Culvert
-Drilling & Trenching
-Traffic Markings
-Traffic Lights
-Street Lights

-Advertising & Promotions
-Graphic Design
-Website Design
-PR Marketing Communication
-Promotional Items
-Media Ad
-Audio & Video Production
-Print & Mail
-Newsletter & Print Design
-Market Research & Survey
-Trade Show Displays
-Copywriting & Publishing

Energy and Fuel
-Renewable Energy
-Energy Audit & Management
-Utility and Chemical
-UPS & Battery

-Telecommunications & Telephone
-Fiber Optics
-Computer Networks

IT, Information Technology
-IT Software Programming
-Website Design
-Computer Hardware
-Database Backup
-Computer Network Security

Janitorial, Cleaning
-Janitorial & Custodial Services
-Janitorial & Custodial Supplies
-Waste Removal & Recycling
-Building Maintenance
-Property Management
-Laundry & Dry Cleaning

-Landscape Architecture
-Tree Trimming
-Snow Plow & Snow Removal
-Lawn Care & Landscaping

Medical, Healthcare
-Medical Staffing
-Medical Billing
-Medical Equipment
-Mental Health
-Laboratory Drug Testing
-Medical Supplies

Professional Service
-Employment Staffing
-Insurance & workers compensation
-Travel Management
-Human Resources & Payroll
-Time and Attendance
-Quality Control
-Social Services
-Printing & Binding
-Court Reporting
-Document Management & Scanning Services
-Document Shredding
-Debt Collection & Accounts Receivable
-Parking & Valet Services
-Management & Leadership Consulting
-Legal Services
-Auctioning & Liquidation
-Cultural Resources
-Mass Notification
-Financial Investment
-Accounting & Audit
-Lobbying and Public Affairs
-Administrative & Secretary
-Data Processing

Security & Safety
-Security Guard
-Background Checks
-Security System
-Fire Fighting & Rescue
-Weapons & Ammunitions
-Police Equipment
-Disaster Recovery
-Biometrics & Fingerprint
-Identification Smart Cards

Architecture, Engineering
-Land Architect
-Design Build
-Civil Engineer
-Mapping & GIS
-Utility Location

Agricultural, Environmental
-Water Purification Treatment
-Pest Control
-Portable Restroom (Porta Poty)

Transportation, Warehouse
-Fleet & Bus
-Train & Railroad
-Boats & Ferry
-Aircraft & Aviation
-Courier Services
-Freight & Trucking
-Moving & Relocation
-Automatic Vehicle Location
-Packing Supplies
-Shipping & Warehousing

-Textbooks & Publications
-School Supplies
-Musical Instruments
-Athletic & Sporting Goods
-Fitness Equipment
-Park & Playground
-Education & Academic Services
-e-Learning Systems

-Food Services
-Food Supply
-Food Equipment

Facility & Equipment
-Facilities Leasing
-Equipment Rental
-Facility Management

-Metal Fabrication & Welding
-Clothing & Uniforms
-Appliances & Electronics
-Office Equipment
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